Tuesday, June 07, 2011

From Serious to Series

I have just started production on a new Cable TV series called "Tadaima, Ian desu!", which translates roughly as "I'm home! This is Ian." (OK, it sounds better in Japanese.)

The documentary program has been commissioned by the local government of Nakagawamachi, where I lived for three years from 2000-2003. The premise for the program is that I have come back to the town after 8 years to meet my old friends and see how they are doing. I also visit shops and restaurants I used to frequent.

Through conversations with old friends, the viewer is treated to a unique look at a beautiful countryside town and its people. Likewise, the townspeople themselves enjoy a renewed pride in their town.

More information (in Japanese) can be found in this article from today's Shimotsuke newspaper.

Season one, on which I am a producer and the onscreen director, has 10 episodes and will run until March 2012. The series is produced by Tochipro, and the first episode airs next month.

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