Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taiwan Tour: Tainan (Part 1)

It is wonderful to be back in Taiwan, and an honour to be invited to share 'A2-B-C' this time with audiences in three cities.  The Green Citizen's Action Alliance (GCAA website HERE) is sponsoring this tour along with Taiwanese film director Cheng Yu-chieh.

After arriving in Taipei last night, I enjoyed delicious Shanghai cuisine with GCAA members, including Secretary General Shu-Hsin Tsui, Taiwan International Documentary Film Program Director Wood Lin and his wife, Kite, and GCAA volunteer Yenchen Lee.

After dinner, we visited a cafe owned by renowned film director Tsai Mingiang, where his many awards, including those from Venice and Dubai, are on display.

Director Tsai's Cafe Galerie
In the morning, I visited the National Taiwan Museum in Taipei with Director Cheng, before boarding the bullet train to Tainan, in the south of Taiwan, where the first screening of 'A2-B-C' was held last night (INFO).

The former capital of Taiwan, we had a chance to see just a bit of Tainan's rich history before the screening.

Chihkan Tower built on the site of a fort built by the Dutch in 1653.
I stayed at the Jasmine Guest House in Tainan.

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