Friday, July 14, 2017

Out on Film

I arrived in LA on Monday for Outfest (WEBSITE) where the North American premier of the feature documentary Boys for Sale (WEBSITE) on which I served as a producer was taking place.  Held at the Directors Guild of America, this year marks the 35th edition of Outfest, which boasts sponsors including HBO, DirectTV Now, and Showtime.  I traveled here with Co, one of the young men who were featured in the documentary.
The day after we arrived, we learned from Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Outfest director of programming, that our screening, originally set to be held in Theatre 2 (with 155 seats) had been moved to Theatre 1 (600 seats) due to ticket sales!  That was both humbling and a bit daunting:  Theatre 1 is the place where Oscar nominees screen their films for the Academy...

"Boys for Sale" premiered last night (INFO), but from the morning we were busy with promotion and preparation.  First, we learned that a review had been published by Eye for Film's Jennie Kermode who wrote (FULL review HERE:
An intriguing piece of work that captures an underexplored side of modern Japan and provides sex workers with a rare chance to speak for themselves, this is a gem of a documentary, and well worth seeking out.
Then we had an interview with Gay Essential's (WEBSITE) hilarious correspondent Terrence Moss-Dujardin.

A fantastic, unexpected and fun time on the Cary Harrison show (WEBSITE).

An interview with The Advocate magazine (WEBSITE).
And of course our North American premier and great Q&A led by Outfest programmer Carlos Hatcher.

This was all followed by drinks in Directors Guild of America atrium with Terrence & our awesome publicist Rob Fleming Jr from Prodigy Public Relations after our screening!

This morning, we excitedly announced on the Facebook page (HERE) and Twitter account (HERE) for the film that we have confirmed upcoming screenings in The Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (August 25- September 3 in Durban, South Africa) WEBSITE, Camera Japan Festival (September 21-24 in Rotterdam, Holland) WEBSITE and the Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen (November 13-18 in Quintana Roo, México) WEBSITE. Please Like and Follow the social media accounts for the film for up to date information

Thank you all so much for your support!

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