Sunday, March 11, 2012

One year today.

I passed the anniversary of March 11 quietly editing, pausing at 2:46...

Fittingly, I have just finished editing the final segment of my documentary on the situation in Minamisoma one year after the quake. It is compressing now, and I hope to have it up tonight.

While I am waiting and letting the computer do its work, I am looking through various articles and videos that friends and colleagues have sent over the past week leading up to the anniversary. I have been so busy working on my own documentary, that I quite literally have not watched any TV coverage or read any articles about it.

A few highlights I am looking at right now:

A BBC documentary (58 minutes) of the children who have been affected by the triple disasters.

"Voices of Organic Farmers After Fukushima" (24 minutes) via .

This fascinating article from the Mainichi Daily News (March 4) in which activist Aileen Mioko Smith presents "The 10 Strategies Taken by the State, Prefectural Governments, Academic Flunkies and Companies in the cases of Minamata and Fukushima." via .

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