Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season Two begins

Since last year, I have been filming a cable TV documentary program called (loosely translated) "It's Ian. I'm Home!" (the character they originally drew to represent me in the opening credits is below). Since our filming schedule is dictated by the financial year (which ends in March), the series was funded through this month. In total, there were 9 episodes in Season 1, and more information on those episodes can be found here.

We recently found out we were recommissioned for Season 2, but with a catch: the producers at TochiPro wanted to turn our documentary series into a cooking show(!). There is still a documentary component to the program as I will be interviewing people at the farmer's market where I buy the ingredients and shooting a short documentary featuring the person who has grown the featured ingredient in the main dish. However, other than that, we have had very little time to plan how the actual program is going to be shot, so it is truly going to have a "documentary feel".

We begin shooting episode one of "Ian's Kitchen" tomorrow. A new adventure begins.


Pat said...

A cooking show? I can hardly wait.

Ian Thomas Ash said...


It was a riot! I went to a farmer's market to buy burdock root and ended up getting taken to a field and handed a shovel to dig it up myself. Me in my city slicker shoes had a (muddy) field day! We then went back to the studio kitchen where I boiled up the burdock root with black beer and honey. Delish! Will post excerpts with English subtitles after it airs next month.