Monday, June 24, 2013

From Frankfurt to Fukushima フランクフルトより福島へ

During the Q and A following the World Premier of my documentary 'A2' (WEBSITE) at the 2013 Nippon Connection Film Festival, a member of the audience in Frankfurt asked if it was possible to contact the Fukushima mothers who in appear in the film so that she could share with them her thoughts and feelings about the film.

Later, in the lobby of the cinema, I filmed video messages from audience members who had just seen 'A2'.  They addressed the Fukushima families who appear in the film directly; their feelings were raw, and their words were real (VIDEO):

This week, I am in Fukushima, updating the families about the screening in Germany, the award with which 'A2' was honoured (STORY), and about the upcoming screenings and plans for the film.  I also brought them the video messages from Frankfurt.

The mothers, tears in their eyes, watched the messages intently and seemed to be holding on to each and every word being addressed to them from so far away.  I watched them, watching the video and found myself in awe:  something so much bigger than any single one of us would be able to accomplish on our own was unfolding right before us.

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