Friday, June 07, 2013

Playing to a packed house

The World Premier of 'A2' (WEBSITE) took place last night in a full cinema in Frankfurt.  I was nervous, really nervous (one of my friends said I was "crawling the walls" before the screening), but it couldn't have gone more smoothly.

The theatre was packed, the audience was responsive, and the film looked and sounded great (it was the first time for me to see 'A2' on a big screen!).

People had come from all over to see the film (people from other parts of Germany, someone from Geneva and even someone from Italy!).  Several of the physicians from the Frankfurt chapter of IPPNW (LINK to my blog about IPPNW) also attended the screening.

During the post-screening Q and A, some of the people who watched 'A2' asked if they could send a video message to the families who appear in the documentary.  Later, in the lobby, I filmed their heart-filled messages of shock, solidarity and of taking action.

It was a huge honour to share the story of the children of Fukushima with the audience in Frankfurt, and I am so grateful to Nippon Connection (WEBSITE) for giving us this opportunity.  I know this will be a very important step to sharing the 'A2' with a larger audience.

'A2' in the official Nippon Connection catalog
'A2' screens to a packed house
Post-screening Q and A
Filming audience members' messages to the families who appear in 'A2'

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