Friday, June 17, 2016

Mr. Hata, a postscript: 49 days later

Yesterday, as is Buddhist tradition, Mr. Hata's burial took place 49 days after his death.  Held in a forest deep in the countryside of Japan, it was one of the most unusual burials I have ever had the honour of attending.  A description with accompanying photos is HERE.

In April, I shared about the honour I had in reuniting a dying man with the son he had not seen in 30 years.  I published a photo-documentary about their reunion called "Mr. Hata and T" (story and photos HERE).

Three weeks to the day after being reunited with his son, Mr. Hata died peacefully in his sleep.  I collected some thoughts, photos and words of condolences in a post-script HERE

Thank you all so very much for sharing in Mr. Hata's story, for your kind words of support and condolences, and for sharing about how his story has affected you personally.  May we carry with us the lessons he has left with us as we continue on our journey of life.

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