Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Going Global

Shortly after I posted my interview with the first young person with thyroid cancer in Fukushima to speak out two weeks ago (STORY), I accompanied AP reporter Yuri Kageyama (TWITTER) to Fukushima where I introduced her to the young woman. Yuri's story, "Woman breaks silence among Fukushima thyroid cancer patients" was published by the AP yesterday (read HERE) and was included in their "The Big Story", "Top News", and "10 things to know for Today" sections.  If this doesn't shake things up, I don't know what will...

The AP also sent out THIS powerful Tweet:
A few hours after the article was published, I received a message with an interview request from Mike Woods at Radio France Internationale English Service.  I was at a dinner meeting, so I excused myself to go outside.  While standing on a street in Tokyo on my iPhone, the interview was recorded in a sound booth in France- a great example of using technology for good.  The interview is HERE (3 min).

I am so grateful to the AP and reporter Yuri Kageyama for helping to share this brave young woman's story with the world.

Thank you all so very much for your support and encouragement.


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