Monday, November 11, 2013


At the STEPS Rights Film Festival Awards Ceremony last night, ‘A2-B-C’ was honoured with the award for “Best Documentary”.  I can not describe how immensely humbling it is to receive this recognition from a jury in the Ukraine, the home to Chernobyl and a country that knows all too well the terrible affects of a nuclear accident.  Especially on children.

I said in my acceptance speech that this is not my award; it belongs to the mothers who appear in the film and serves to recocognize their great bravery in speaking out and becoming 'the nail that sticks up' and risks getting hammered down.

The mothers now know that their voices are being heard as far away as Chernobyl, and that soon, the rest of the world, too, will have no choice but to listen.

November 13, 2013 UPDATE:
It is with a feeling of great responsibility that I continue my work continue documenting the issues affecting the children of Fukushima as more cases of thyroid cancer in Fukushima children have come to light today (ARTICLE).

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