Friday, June 20, 2014

Out with a Bang!

Today marked the end of the six-week theatrical release of 'A2-B-C' in Tokyo.  After the original three-week run was extended (INFO), I couldn't have imagined a greater honour...

But not only was today's screening sold out, it was oversold!  When there were no more folding chairs to set up in the back of the cinema, the staff handed out cushions so that people could sit on the stairs and in the aisles (PHOTO below).

And as if this was not enough, I also learned that 'A2-B-C' was #1 on Cinema Today's access ranking (ahead of "Grand Budapest Hotel", which was #2)! PHOTO below and accompanying article HERE and below:


Dr. Matsui Eisuke, whom I had first met at a medical conference in Germany in March (INFO) joined the post-screening discussion to help contextualize for the audience some of the medical issues brought up in the film.

6/20最終日10:30の回上映後トークイベントに、岐阜環境医学研究所・座禅洞所長 松井英介さんの登壇も決定!著書「放射線被ばくから 子どもたちを守る」も出されている松井先生に、イアン監督とトークしていただきます!

After the screening, I was delighted to see some familiar faces in the audience, among them friend, digital media producer, artist, and 'otaku'-extraordinaire, Joseph Tame (website HERE, PHOTO below) whom I had first met several years ago when he filmed an event where I was screening my first film, "the ballad of vicki and jake" (WEBSITE), here in Tokyo.

Later, the day's events were published in an article on Yahoo Japan News (HERE/ここ):

This has been an absolutely amazing and humbling adventure, but it is not over yet: tomorrow I am back on the road as the film is released in cinemas across Japan!

First two stops: Nagoya and Hiroshima (INFO below).  Then on to Osaka, Kyoto and beyond!




Nagoya Cinematech, June 21-27 (everyday at 1PM)
* director Ian Thomas Ash in attendance June 21

Hiroshima Yokogawa Cinema, June 21-July 6
(until June 26 everyday at 3:10PM, after June 26 time TBA)
* director Ian Thomas Ash in attendance June 22

BONUS PHOTO: The distributors of 'A2-B-C' return to the office with all the materials for the film.  Never ones to miss an opportunity to promote a film, rather than put it in a bag they openly carry the poster for 'A2-B-C' on the train!

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