Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the weather or just plain lazy?

Either I am regressing back to adolescence when I couldn't get enough sleep or there is something else going on. Lately I can't seem to sleep enough and it is really preventing me from getting things done.

I have been going to bed at ten in the evening(!) and still having trouble dragging myself out of bed at eight the next morning (!). This is after 10 hours of sleep! At first I thought that I wasn't getting "quality" sleep. But in all honestly, I think I really am sleeping fairly well. It is not a tossing and turning sleepless time in bed.

It takes forever to wake up (involving coffee, the morning paper and lots of stretching/ yawning), and then to top it all off, and here is the kicker, I am not very productive when I am awake and have been TAKING NAPS! Seriously, what is going on? Am I am having a "growth spurt"? Is it the changing weather? (Not in the global warming sense, just in the getting cooler, autumnal sense). Am I just plain lazy?

Whatever it is, it's getting pretty annoying.

10 things I should be doing instead of sleeping:

10. Clean my bathroom.

9. Study Japanese grammar.

8. Do some sit-ups/ push-ups.

7. Figure out how to block YouTube access on my computer so that when I am awake, I can't waste hours looking at it.

6. Wash the dishes in the sink.

5. Laundry.

4. Take out the recyclables.

3. Reply to an inbox full of old e-mails!

2. Round up some cash for my next film.

1. Keep my blog up to date!

Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hello, stranger

I've been away. I'm back. Hope you have been well.

I'll fill you in on my absence over time, but first things first.

The top ten reasons I have been letting my blog go :

1. I was trotting the globe.
2. I've been busy looking up recipes online for squid legs and mayonnaise.
3. I had event-specific amnesia which only affected my ability to remember to write in my blog.
4. I was washing my hair.
5. I've been leading a boring life and have had nothing to write. OR
6. My life has been so extravagantly exciting I couldn't possibly put it in print.
7. I've been busy preparing and eating above-mentioned squid legs and mayonnaise.
8. Blog? What blog?
9. I like to be fashionably late to the party.
10. Mmm. Squid legs and mayo.

Stay tuned.