Sunday, February 25, 2007

"the ballad" goes to croatia

the ballad of vicki and jake can be seen in competition this week at Zagreb:Dox. The screenings will take place:

Wednesday, February 28 at 17:00
(Student Center Theatre)

Thursday, March 1 at 17:00
(MM Center)

Visit the festival site here.

remember me?

It has been a while since my last update; the last time I wrote was before my trip to Montreal in November to attend the North American premier of our film. We had successful screenings both in Canada and at our Scandinavian premier in Copenhagen (also in November). We were in competition in both festivals, and although we didn’t receive any awards this time, we didn’t come home empty handed: the contacts we made and the experiences we had both are benefiting this film and will prove to be invaluable to our future projects as well. I also had a wonderful time with my family who came up from Maryland to be with me at the festival.

I have found it difficult to update my blog and even just to keep up with correspondences since coming back from Montreal. I think I found that I needed some space to be able to figure out what my next step was, not only with the film but indeed with my life, too. I often talk about the trials and tribulations of the film, but not so much the ones in my personal life. When I look back on what I have written about “the ballad of vicki and jake” I can see that it really parallels what is going on in my life. But it is somehow easier to talk about things in relation to the film rather than directly talk about my life

Since returning from Switzerland last year with the award for our film, I haven’t submitted to any other festivals without invitation; that is, I am ready to focus on our next film and have only sent “the ballad” to a few festivals who have heard about us and requested our submission. This still doesn’t guarantee a screening, but of course it means that the chances of being screened are higher.

I am happy to announce that we have been selected for the international competition category in the Zagreb:Dox International Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia which takes place next week. I leave for Croatia in the morning; I just couldn’t bear the thought of our baby being unaccompanied in a foreign country. It will be a short trip (just four days), but I am looking forward to the festival and also to having a chance to see a bit of the country as well.

Wish us luck!