Wednesday, May 24, 2006

japanese lesson 1: doing your best

Japanese is a great language and really fun to learn. The way of conjugating verbs is especially entertaining once you get the hang of it. The verb we are going to learn today is GANBARU: to do one's best. I dedicate this lesson to Matt at (pretend this is a hyperlink).

GANBARU: do one's best

GANBARIMASU: I do my best
GANBAREMASU: I can do my best
GANBARERARERU: I am able to do my best
GANBATTEIMASU: I am doing my best
GANBARITAI: I want to do my best
GANBARITAKUWANAI: I do not want to do my best
GANBATTA: I did my best
GANBATTEITA: I was doing my best
GANBARANAKATTA: I did not do my best
GANBARITAKUWANAKATTA: I did not want to do my best
GANBARE: do your best
GANBARINASAI: you had better do your best
GANBARENAKUREBANARENAI: you must do your best
GANBATEKURE: do your best for me
GANBATEKURANAI TO TATAKU: If you do not do your best for me, I will beat you.

Good luck with your Japanese study, and remember: GANBARE!


Matt_c said...

Ian, I love you.

I'm also going to teach you about hyperlinks. The most important part of learning HTML is to know that it uses things called tags. These are bits of text placed inside the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols which get converted into magic.

When using these tags if you want to describe a link you say 'greater than' 'a' href="URL HERE" 'forward slash' 'a' 'less than'.

Or go to html goodies

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Oh, Matt, "GANBARIMASHIYO" (let's do our best together!).

Thanks for the HTML lesson. It's taking a while, but I'll get the hang of it.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I love this language teaching!

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Glad to hear you liked the lesson- there's plenty more conjugal goodness where this came from. Stay tuned!

MyDearKyoKun said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this!
It's really useful!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Miblo said...

Very late, I know, and you have surely learnt by now how to do hyperlinks, but if you write this:

<a href="">whatever text</a>

then you will get this:

whatever text

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Thanks for the help, Miblo! Actually, blogger makes it very easy to post pictures and hyperlinks without having to know any HTML.

Thanks for reading. By the way, how on earth did you happen to be reading such an old post?

Jr Yolly said...

nice one Ian! but I never thought that Japanese had those tenses.

this one helped a lot. If ever you'd wonder how come I'd read this post, "thanks to google". this was exactly the post i wanted to find.

i hope you are still learning Japanese by this time. if not, then better try again. ^^

ganbare! mina.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Jr Yolly,

Thank you for your comment- wow, you found an old post (from 5 years ago)!

Yes, I am still learning Japanese and still living here. Good luck with your study as well!


Anonymous said...

The day before my Japanese partner was due to start a new course of study, I said "Ganbatte!", intending it to mean "good luck with everything - new course, new friends, etc. - tomorrow", but she got really annoyed. Evidently she felt that I was putting her on the spot, obliging her to try hard and so on. She told me that "ganbatte", "ganbaru" etc. are things you say about yourself, but not things you should say to another person. That was astounding to me, since I had considered myself to be a fluent speaker of Japanese. (And we still haven't made it up!) Any other Japanese people out there have any comments?