Monday, May 15, 2006

beginning somewhere

The website for our latest film, the ballad of vicki and jake, is almost online. I asked our webmaster, Matt, to create a director's blog for me on the website, and he suggested that I write one here at He thought it would be easier for me handle. What is that supposed to mean?

We'll see how it goes. I feel rather exposed writing this and putting it out there for everyone to read. Is this how my subjects feel when I am making a film about them? All is fair in filmmaking, I suppose. It reminds me of something I said during filming once that was caught on tape. "How can we be out of line? We're making a film here."

Is filmmaking an excuse to let out all the stops, to run through people's lives with reckless abandon? I hope not. So what did I mean, then, in this moment of candid honesty?

To learn more about our film "the ballad of vicki and jake", please visit our website

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Matt_c said...

Good to have you in the blogosphere. I'm sure it will treat you well. Looking forward to posts about your job, Japanese people being weird and how cool documentary making is.