Saturday, May 27, 2006

a real poem, or did you write it?

What is it that makes people that know us really well underestimate the significance of what we do? Somewhere inside of us there seems to be this built-in filter which causes us to not be able to accept what are seeing for what it is if we know the person who made it. Sure there's a case for not being able to be an impartial critic when you know the artist, poet or writer. Yet it seems to me to be more than that because it carries over into everyday life, not just when it comes to "art".

"Hey, that's a great website. It LOOKS really professional."
Thanks, a**hole, it is professional.

"What a nice photo. It's LIKE a pro took it."
Because I AM a photographer.

"Nice cake. It's LIKE one you'd buy in a store."
No, it's way better than that.

I wonder if these kinds of statements aren't more a reflection on the speaker than on the person that they are talking about. Something like, "Clearly nobody that I know could do anything of any significance because I am sh*t. Therefore I am going to override any rational thoughts that tell me that what I am seeing is of any value".

People are really impressed by celebrity. Give someone the same damn cake and tell them that Martha Stuart made it, and they'd say, "Wow! Why can't you make something like this?"

Yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder today.


Anonymous said...

Hmm yes I understand - these seem like deliberate put-downs to me. If someone said that to me about the cake, they may possibly be wearing it as a new hat within the following couple of seconds.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Yeah, it's been a bad couple of days here for me. Rather than to throw the cake into their faces (a rather good idea, Rachel) I have been opting to eat the whole damn thing. And wash it down with a few beers (!). I better start throwing the cakes- my suit trousers are getting tight.

elaine x said...

perhaps because those that we know the most are the people on whom we project all of our feelings of insecurity and insignificance ...
what's interesting is when you stop doing that and see what happens to them ...
often they just seem to vanish!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Interesting point, Elaine. I was wanting to blame the other person and hadn't thought about my own insecurities being reflected onto them. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I like that point too. Elaine - I like your Childrens Astrology blog and I will certainly be reading a bit more of it. I imagine you like books by Linda Goodman, esp "Gooberz"?