Saturday, October 14, 2006

triple time, part one

Gaelle at the RIDM has given me another assignment, to write an entry for the festival blog (I will link to it when it is up and running on the 25th of October). After reading my blog she saw that I like to make lists and therefore asked that I answer in list form. She calls it "the ballad of vicki and jake in triple time".

3 other good titles you could have imagined for your film.

1. My editor thinks the film should have been called the ballad of vicki and ian because the film really becomes focused on my relationship with Vicki.
2. When we thought that the film was going to be more focused on Jake’s birthday, the other producer and I talked about turning twelve as a possible title.
3. Along the same lines, had the film been just about Vicki getting the house, we could have called it something like making home.

3 good reasons to come at the RIDM and meet Vicki, Jake and Sid.

People should come to the RIDM for so many reasons!

1. They can see many unique documentaries from all over the world.
2. There will be lots of interesting people in the industry to meet and talk with.
3. And of course we hope that they will meet Vicki, Sid and Jake by watching our film.

3 words to describe your relationship with Vicki.

Intelligent answer:
1. Unpredictable.
2. Indefinable.
3. Evolving.

Real answer:
1. Confusing.
2. Loving.
3. Maddening.

3 risks you have taken during the making of the film/ 3 difficulties that made making this film a “struggle”, a term you used in one of your flyers.

Some of the risks we made were very real and others were more subjective.

1. We were filming with expensive equipment in places that were dangerous and unfamiliar to us.
2. We were inexperienced and that made filming difficult, but that also forms much of the story.
3. The fact that we were dealing with people’s lives and that what we were doing could have a huge impact on them was also something that we struggled with a lot.

3 aims you wanted to reach by making this film.

I think my aims changed a lot during filming.

1. In the beginning I was focused a lot on getting more experience in filmmaking and using that to further my career.
2. I became very much focused on telling Vicki’s story in the midst of filming.
3. By the time we had seen the footage and had begun editing, I really wanted the story of what happened between Vicki and me to be told.

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