Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what they're saying about us 2

The English version of the CPH:DOX site is now up, so now I can finally tell you what they're saying about us in Copenhagen.

'The Ballad of Vicki and Jake' is a film about the omissions, manipulations and compromises involved in making the film...improvised interviews and choleric conflict resolution dominate the film. A meta film about the negotiation of power relations and the human decency demanded in every form of documentary.

If you have a degree in Film Studies, maybe you could explain the above to the rest of us. (Perhaps you, Matt?). In the meantime, I'm just glad they're talking about us.

For the full synopsis from CPH:DOX, go here.


Matt_c said...

"choleric conflict resolution"

I like that - such a thesarus translation. An English speaker did not write that.

It's not on a par with 'roof-false people' though.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Matt, just admit it: even with your fancy film studies degree that you don't get it either. Poser.