Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Discovery News Blog #7

I am really honoured that Discovery News has published my 7th guest blog. Having Discovery News carry these blogs means that many more people who would not otherwise know about these issues are watching.

Thank you, Discovery News, for keeping the story of the children being affected by the radiation in the news!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian , The work you're doing is a work of extreme compassion and courage. You are giving those families a voice. I am saddened because I can see how things end up unfolding in these defining moments. Japan (and the rest of the world ) faces the largest and most deadly nuclear accident in our history. I have been following Arnie Gunderson on you tube with his analysis. He is another voice of the very few voices out there getting through. Common sense seems to leave us in times of extreme fear, and I am shocked to see, but not surprised, as we quietly walk into our demise without a word. I am sending your blog to everyone I know. You and your camera operator are there, taking such risk and I cannot express with words my respect and admiration for you and your work. Maria (Canada)

Ian Thomas Ash said...


Thank you so much for your e-mail of support and encouragement! I am so honoured to have people watching and responding to my work.

The small risk that my cameraman (Colin) and I are taking is noting compared to the risk to the children who are living in these affected areas. Thank you so much for helping to get the story of these children out to the world.

Thank you again,