Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Discovery News: guest blog #8

I am honoured to receive continuing encouragement from Discovery News with the publication today of my 8th guest blog.

In case you missed any of the previous ones, there are links to them at the bottom of the blog on the Discovery website.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support during these seven months!


kintaman said...

Ian. Thank you for your invaluable efforts and videos. They are of great benefit to the people of Minamisoma, Japan and the world.

On another note, are you not concerned with your own health (internal contamination by inhalation/ingestion) as you have been very close to the affected areas?

Ian Thomas Ash said...


Thank you for your watching and for your comment. Thanks also for your question.

Am I worried about my own health? To be honest, if I had a family and children of my own, I would probably think differently about not only going to these areas, but also about bringing back to my home clothing and equipment that has been exposed to radiation. However, I don't have such responsibilities, so my decision to go there only affects myself.

I feel very strongly that the story of the children living in this zone needs to be told. I only go there for one week at a time, but those children live there and are constantly exposed.

Are we in danger by going to Fukushima? Are we even safe in Tokyo? What will happen to the children who still live in Minamisoma City and other affected areas? The scary thing is, no one really knows.

I have a choice to go there... the children who live there do not. Please continue to keep these children in your thoughts.