Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"In Containment" (Part 4) uploaded

I have just uploaded the fourth installment of "In Containment", and am now busily editing the final part.

Already part 4 has received a lot of comments- most of which I try to respond to- and it has been interesting to see how different this part in particular is being received.


Pat said...

OMG my heart was pounding as I watched this because I was afraid for all of you. And those cows, my gosh I hope someone puts them down soon...that is scary to see them roaming around free like that.
Please, please be careful, I worry about you.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Pat, Sorry to have worried you! I wanted to show how the close and unpredictable the danger that these people are living near is... but we ended getting a bit too close ourselves. Part 5 (the conclusion of the documentary) will be up soon. I hope you are well- I worry about you, too!

Anonymous said...

I am really curious what being radiated so heavily felt like.

I imagine it felt like, "Oh sh*t, I am dying."