Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No place like home (in the kitchen)

I got back home to Tokyo from my trip to the US and hit the ground running: within 48 hours I was on a bullet train to Tochigi to film episode 3 of my cooking show "Ian's Kitchen" (website).  

The first part of each show is a short documentary where we go to the farmer's market and ask them to introduce us to the farmer who grew whatever fruit or vegetable we are featuring in that episode.  Then we go to meet the farmer and film with them in their field.  

We have so much fun with this part of the show and always meet such wonderful people!  Then we get the FRESHEST produce available (picked right then and there):

For the second part of the show, I am joined in the kitchen by MC and co-host, Daichi Takanezawa.  Here we are about to start filming:

After the cooking, which is usually a mess and always hilarious, comes the eating part!

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