Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back at the desk...

I am, as they say, "back at the desk"; after spending time with my family during a hard time, I am back home in Japan, at my desk and ready to get back to work.

Despite the circumstances, it was good to be with my dad.  I think this photo sums it all up:

After weeks of being at home during this difficult time, my dad wanted to get out and do something together.  We attended a football game (my first!) with friends, family, and a Japanese sock monkey named Ono-kun (more on him later).

In retrospect, it wasn't even about football or who won the game.  It was about spending time together as a family.  Does this mean that we all are now fine?  No, it doesn't.  It means that we have hope that we someday will be.


Tom Flowers said...

Great post! Thanks sharing it, Ian! =)

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Tom, Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate all of your support.

Pat said...

Oh honey, I think the bonding with Dad is long overdue. Sorry about the circumstances but hey, celebrating life is much nicer than talking about loss.
So back to work for you but keep in touch with Dad, okay? Love and hugs.

Ian Thomas Ash said...


Thank you. I hope you are doing well in your battle, too. I agree about celebrating life. This really does put things into perspective. The challenge: putting those lessons into action. Love and hugs to you, too!


Unknown said...

I recognize that sock monkey! :)

I bet he didn't expect to be one of the most well traveled stuffed animals in the history of man! HEHE

So true what you said about family Ian... I've taken this as a reminder to be thankful of my family while I still have them. :) Time is precious that's for sure.

Ian Thomas Ash said...


You recognize Ono-kun??? Yes, he is a very well-traveled sock monkey. I'm actually writing a picture book for some children in Fukushima; they gave me Ono-kun to take care of and I am sending them updates from him- it's extremely fun for me (and I hope for them, too!).

Yes, family, and our time with them, is so very precious. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!