Sunday, July 07, 2013

Cinema Typhoon シネマ・タイフーン

I am extremely honoured to have been asked to take part in the 2013 Cinema Typhoon event at Tokyo Keizai University, July 13-14, 2013.  Three documentary films will be screened during the weekend-long event which will culminate in a panel discussion with the filmmakers led by Nicola Liscutin, from the University of Tokyo.  The three films all deal with some aspect of the Fukushima disaster, and the panel discussion will attempt to cover the following questions:
What are the motivations of the filmmakers?  In which ways might these films participate in the production of a public ‘Fukushima’ memory? How can they stem forgetting, when ‘disaster fatigue’ has already set in? Do these films affect, or seek to influence, anti-nuclear thinking and movements nationally and internationally?
My documentary, "A2", will be screened alongside Funahashi Atushi’s “Nuclear Nation” and Fujiwara Toshi’s “No Man’s Zone”, and it will be an honour to meet the directors of these films and to speak with them on the panel.

More information in English can be found on the Cultural Typhoon website HERE.


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