Saturday, August 29, 2015


An article about the cancellation and subsequent re-establishing of Japan domestic screenings of my documentary 'A2-B-C' (2013) was published today in the Asahi Shinbun (Digital) LINK.  This follows the August 4 announcement of the re-establishment of the private screening system on the website of the film (INFO).  The article in the Asahi faced a long and uphill battle to publication, and while I am glad that it is finally available to online readers, this does not alter my disappointment that an editorial decision was made to not carry the article in the print edition.

Meanwhile, screenings of my documentary '-1287' (2014) continue around the world.  Screenings of the film in festivals this autumn will be taking place in LA (Sept 14), Korea (Sept 18 & 22), Holland (Sept 26), Taiwan (Oct), Midwest USA (Nov) and NY (Nov).  Screening information, including at which screenings I plan to be in attendance, can be found on the film's website (HERE).

Thank you all so very much for your support!

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