Tuesday, June 13, 2006

japanese lesson #2: let's drink

In honor of my new mansion (I move on Friday!), I thought I would use it as an opportunity to teach you some more handy Japanese. Today's lesson uses the verb "NOMU", to drink.

NOMITAI: I want to drink
NONDEIMASU: I am drinking
BIIRU: beer
BODUKA: vodka
JIN: gin
WAIN: wine
TEKIRA: tequila
MIKUSU DURINKU: mixed drink
KOKUTERU: cocktail
NOMISUGI: I drink too much
NOMISUGITEIMASU: I am drinking too much
NOMISUGI KOTO GA SUKI: I like to drink too much
NOMISUGIMASHIYOU: Let's drink too much together
NOMITAKUNAI? Don't you want to drink?
EH? NOMENAI? What? You can't drink?
SHIZUMU HODOU NOMU to drink until you drown
NOMU NOWA YAMETA I've quit drinking
JODAN! Just kidding!

Will be moving and settling in over the next few days, so I may not post unitl next week when my internet is connected. Unitl then!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness "gin" is the same.

Anonymous said...

I think all you need to know in any language is how to ask for beer :-)