Thursday, June 08, 2006

a life in the day of ian (sic)

Mt sister chided me the other day for not having written anything new on my blog for several days; she's half a world away and wonders what I am up to. Well, here's what I did yesterday:

6:30 woke up and had melon bread* for breakfast

8:00 left my house in Gokokuji area of Tokyo and took two subways to Shirokane Takanawa neighborhood.

8:30-10:30 explored the neighborhood around the mansion** I am thinking about renting (because I AM MOVING!!!). I found a dry cleaners, vegetable store, bean-filled cake shop and a homemade tofu stall. What else do you need?

10:30 met with the realtor to discuss the contract for the apartment

11:30 went to Ebisu neighborhood to be interviewed briefly about a story for a financial magazine on one of the companies I work for

12:30 met my immigration lawyer regarding my new visa (which has finally arrived after months of worry and stress)

13:30 met one of my private English students for two hours of English study. "What is your hobby, banana?"

15:45 we watched the Da Vinci Code as part of our English lesson (OK, we really just wanted to see it)

18:30 had a ten dollar "fruits jelly parfait" (my student's treat)

20:00 went to the Foreign Correspondent's Club for a drink. Met a friend there, went drinking at an "izakaya", a traditional Japanese bar, was taken by well-dressed said friend to a cigar bar(!) wearing jeans and split-toed shoes*** where we continued to drink...

??:?? lost time, missed my curfew****, and am a bit hung over now.

And that was my day.

* it's best not to know
** cruelly, the word "mansion" in Japanese means apartment
*** basically, Japanese sneakers
**** thus I AM MOVING


Anonymous said...

Those sneakers freak me out. You're moving though, how exciting! I am moving too. Well, to be more accurate, my contract finishes at the end of the month and I have to get out. Am trying to decide between spending the summer in the country or the city. I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

So was the movie all you thought it would be? I have been debating watching it myselfAnd what is melon bread anyway?

Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting read there Ian. Feel free to do another. And also - you know, don't forget, especially if you have one of those phones with a diddly little camera - all incidental pictures of the food are MORE than welcome!

Ian Thomas Ash said...

lisa: It always has to come back to you, doesn't it. xxx

panda: da vinci code was ok as a hollywood psuedo thriller, but was it worth the eighteen dollar ticket (yes, eighteen bucks for a film in Japan)? Well, it might have been better to wait for the DVD. Apparently the DVD has been out for ages already in China. Oh, melon bread is, brace your yourself, bread that looks like a Yubari melon, bright green and artificially melon flavoured. Think "white bread soaked in Midori liquor". But worse. And I love it.

Rachel: Glad you enjoyed it! Photos... every time I try to upload a photo, Safari crashes. I blame it on blogger, because Macs are perfect!

Anonymous said...

It always has to come back to me - says the man with the blog devoted to documenting himself! Remarkable. Have a nice weekend honey, xxx

Ian Thomas Ash said...

says the girl with no blog devoted to anything xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm just too goshdarned busy at the moment love. I am dashing up and down the country and sleeping on sofas. For some reason that reminds me - set up a gmail account so I can send you photos please! You can use it for other stuff as well if you must. Lx