Monday, October 16, 2006

triple time, part two

3 things about Ian Thomas Ash for people who don’t know anything about you but by chance are reading this (the RIDM'S) blog.

1. I have never made any money making films; I make them because I love to.
2. I learned more about filmmaking by making the ballad of vicki and jake than I did in my post-graduate film course.
3. I have done several documentary projects, but they are always in a foreign country (UK, Japan). There is something about my “foreignness” that makes it all somehow work.

3 good reasons to make another documentary like this in the future.

1. Our way of filmmaking is pretty close to being as honest as it can be; showing both our subject’s mistakes and ours.
2. By not trying to cover up the way the film was made or make it “professional” and “slick”, we actually learned a lot more about filmmaking because we were open to criticism.
3. This is the only way I know how to make a film.

3 projects you would like to realize soon.

1. I want to do a travel documentary of Japan showing some of the strange and wonderful things about the country that has been my home for five years.
2. A documentary about the strange culture of Japanese singers of chanson, French songs, that are still wildly popular here.
3. A funny documentary about the perceived differences and stereotypes of white men vs. Japanese men.

3 lists you would like to write in your blog soon.

1. Ways to get money to make your doc. I have to check them out to make they work first, though.
2. After I attend the RIDM, a list of the best things about it.
3. A list of my favourite lists.

... and have you ever had the idea of making a film in a list form?

I haven’t actually thought about that before, but that’s a really good idea! Maybe I should begin by making a list about why that’s a good idea…


Sarah said...

3 Things I know to be true of Ian Thomas Ash...
1) He looks good regardless of what shade of the rainbow he has chosen for his hair and will attempt to color your hair as well...
2) He is incredibly entertaining when trapped on a bus with 40 other people barreling down the highway across several state lines to sing for the giant rat...
3) Ian has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've ever had the pleasure to count as a friend and find myself blessed to have him in my life...

Anonymous said...

I love that you are blogging again. I really enjoy following your life this way! See you in Montreal.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Oh, you guys! I can feel the love! I know Sarah has an awsome NEW blog, and I think that Ms. Anonymous would be a great blogger if she could find the time. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies.