Sunday, November 12, 2006

three years ago this week

We met Vicki three years ago. The weather was cool and the leaves were changing. This photo was taken in Novemeber during one of the first interviews we had with her.

It is so hard to believe all that has happened in the time since this photo was taken.

castle park, 5 november 2003
photo: ken kwek

I have been busy with preparations for the festival in Montreal. I leave on Tuesday and can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how much things, people etc change. In the span of a year, three or ten years.

Make me wish I had a Tardis so I can go back and see myself or people I know in the past and compare to how they are now.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Dax, I know how you feel. I have been e-mailing Sarah alot lately. It has been ten years since we were all hanging out together.

So much has happened since then! Hope you are well.

Matt_c said...

Was it really three years?

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Yeah, in some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways like a lifetime ago.

Matt, I met you three years ago October. Can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Bloody hell. I'm getting my MA results this week by the way...we've come a long way. Globetrotting media geniuses. Or something.


Anonymous said...

Indeed Mr. Ash so much has happened. Who knew I would be married, own a house, and goddess forbid own a dog!

Seems I have become all dark and evil according to some of our mutual aquaintences of the Watertown era.

I just got into contact with Sarah as well.

and yes all is well with in the Empire ;-)