Friday, March 18, 2011

Despite radiation fears, we can still smile

Many people have asked me: How, at a time like this, can you stay in Japan?

We have two choices: to become paralyzed by a fear of what may be, or to go on living and finding pleasure in Life.

It isn’t “every person for themselves” here.

Despite the current uncertainty, watch as these three women share their smiles, their laughter, their wisdom.

They have not forgotten how to be happy.

But do not mistake this for stoicism, for putting on a brave face.

Their Joy for Life will not be taken away.

The reason I can stay: It is a time like this.


Anonymous said...


As an American, living in America I find your blog so interesting and entertaining. I am so captivated and inspired by the Japanese people!! Many seem selfless compared to Americans. Keep up the great posts!!

gabriel said...

Ganbatte Nippon!
cheers from Athens, Greece
keep up the good work, Ian!
many thanx for the texts & videos ...
so touching ! :)