Sunday, March 20, 2011

Situation improving... for Tokyo

Amid aftershocks, continuing threats of power outrages and other minor inconveniences, things for us in Tokyo are improving. Even the nuclear power plant situation seems to be looking up.

I feel really tired today. My whole body aches. I mentioned it to a friend, and he said he has heard other people talking about that same feeling. I think we are all just tense all the time and our muscles ache as a result. Never knowing when the next aftershock will be, we are thinking about it all the time.

Will it be when I'm in the bath? Will it be when I am on the subway? Will it trigger the big one?

It kind of makes it hard to just relax. I used to enjoy having a leisurely time in the toilet, newspaper in hand. Now I am thinking, "It simply won't do to have the ceiling come crashing down with my pants around my ankles". So I just get my business done as quickly as possible.

But thinking about all the victims of the tsunami, it's hard to complain about anything. We are so fortunate.

Some of you have expressed wanting to do something for the victims of the tsunami, so I am also looking into ways that you can be a part of the effort to help.

I will leave you with another short video. After having seen my piece on panic buying in Tokyo some of you have written asking about our current food situation, so I went to the same grocery store in my neighborhood tonight to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you're doing fine. :)

And about our necessity to do something to help, here's a project that could be helpful.

Be safe :)