Thursday, May 26, 2011

Like a hot apple pie

I have finished part 4 of the behind-the-scenes look at the feature documentary we filmed about the children of Minamisoma. I have decided not to show what happened to the children when they returned to school (I am saving that for the film).

Instead, I made a trailer for the film. In it, there are clips from interviews with the mayor of Minamisoma, the superintendent of schools, medical doctors treating patients in Minamisoma, and a government adviser on radiation health-risk.

Although it is finished, I am having to prevent myself from uploading it just yet. It is like when you take a pie from the oven and it looks so delicious that you want to have a bite right then, but you know that this could result in burning your tongue.

Because some of the things that are said by people (including politicians) are quite shocking (at least to me), I want to be sure that the English subtitles are as accurate as possible. I don't want to leave room for being accused of taking things out of context, so I have a colleague coming over today to check and re-check my work.

I am all for hot apple pie, but rather than risk being burned I am going to serve this one up after I let it cool off a bit. Just a bit.

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