Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Dying at Home" to be re-broadcast

***** UPDATE October 31, 2017 *****

"Dying at Home" is available to watch for free On Demand until November 13, 2017. LINK

***** END UPDATE *****

Last year, on January 28, I was extremely honoured to have my first documentary commissioned by NHK World broadcast around the world (STORY).  Meeting and documenting Dr. Konta, her amazing team of nurses, and her beautiful patients and their families, was a life-changing time for me.

The lessons that one of those patients, Mr. Hata, taught me about life, family and death, in just a few short months will continue to influence the work I will do in the remainder of my career.  I wrote about my friendship with Mr. Hata on my blog HERE and in this front page article for 2016 year-end Number One Shinbun, the magazine of the Foreign Corespondents' Club of Japan HERE.

I am extremely honoured that NHK World will be re-broadcasting for the second time "Dying at Home" on October 30.  Screening 4 times through the day on the NHK World Channel and (free) app, the times listed are for the timezone in which the website is accessed (HERE).

Thank you all of your support and for watching.

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