Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Noise and Boys in London

Several of the films that were screening in Camera Japan (STORY), went on to screen in London's Raindance Film Festival, including "Boys for Sale" and "Noise", so on Monday, I traveled with the "Noise" crew to London.  Our trip included such adventures as running for the plane, getting stopped at the border, one person losing a train ticket, with time for a few drinks along the way; and with two of the "Noise" members never having left Japan and none of them able to converse in English, I was really glad I could be there to help out!  Thinking about it, there's a film in there somewhere... 

Arriving safely in London, we checked in to the festival the next day (the 26th), where I also met up with Adrian "Uchujin" Storey, the DOP/ Producer of "Boys for Sale", whom I hadn't seen since he moved back to the UK from Tokyo last year.  It was wonderful to see him and have a proper catch up, ahead of attending the UK premier together.

This was my third time to attend Raindance; the first was in 2013 with my film "A2-B-C" (STORY) and the second was the following year with my film "-1287" (STORY).  And it was such an honour to be back, this time as a producer.

Described by Abigail Smith in the Raindance Film Festival catalogue as "a punch between the eyes... storytelling you daren't turn away from" (LISTING), our main screening on the the 28th was completely sold out by the Sunday before (the 24th).  The Q&A, led by Gay Times editor, William J Connolly (WEB), was awesome and offered so much context to the sold-out crowd- I am kicking myself for not having recorded it...

As a result of selling-out our main screening and demand for tickets, Raindance scheduled an additional screening of "Boys for Sale" for Saturday morning at 11:00.  It was an honour and a privilege to be able to present the film again, complete with a Q&A with Adrian and me.

In between screenings, it was wonderful to be able to see several close London-based friends as well as to watch many great films (my favourite-- as well as the most disturbing-- was "The Family I Had" INFO).

I then spent the weekend in North Wales with some dear family friends and visiting my mom's grave.  Although it was too short, it was a perfect end to this trip.  

I am now at Heathrow airport in London, getting ready to board the plane home to Tokyo...

Thank you also so very much for your support, thoughts, and encouragement.
Much Peace,
London, UK

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