Monday, June 24, 2019

Educational Screenings of "Boys for Sale" in Japan

"Boys For Sale" screened at Nagoya University on June 18 (INFO) and was followed by side-bar at (INFO) in support of HeForShe UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality‬.
with special guest and one of the documentary’s main subjects, Ko.
A full house (200 people) were at the screening.  It was huge honour to have the support of the HeForShe UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, and an additional honour to take part in the Gender Research Salon-sponsored spin-off session “Ethnography and Gender in Film”, which focused on some of my other documentary film work as well.


"Boys For Sale" next screened in Tokyo on June 22 at the University of Tokyo Medical Department. It was an honour to screen the film for doctors and other medical professionals at a study session held in the University of Tokyo’s medical library.

Cinematic Dialogue in Tokyo vol.1: "Boys for Sale (売買ボーイズ)"を観て語る》
日程:2019年 6月22日(土)13:00~16:00  
場所: 東京大学医学図書館(医学部総合中央館)3階 301研究室


The following day (June 23) "Boys for Sale" screened at Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto) sponsored by the Gender Studies Group at the International Institute of Language and Cultural Studies.

with one of the documentary’s main subjects, Ko.
The following day, Co and I spoke at Ritsumeikan University in the College of International Relations at the invitation of Associate Professor Mario Liong for his class Introduction to Gender Studies.
(This blog is based on a series of social media posts from June 18-24, 2019.)

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