Friday, September 24, 2021

Four more "Ushiku" Premiers confirmed

Four more premiers for "Ushiku" have just been confirmed.

Following screenings today (Fri, Sept 24) and tomorrow (Sat, Sept 25) in Rotterdam's CAMERA JAPAN Festival, "Ushiku" will hold the following premiers:

Austria Premier on Oct 8 in Vienna's Japannual

Japan Premier Oct 9 in Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, where the film was described as "This is work of watchdog journalism that sounds the alarm about state power run amok."

Munich Premier Oct 11 in Underdox - Festival für Dokument und Experiment

UK Premier Oct 24 in London East Asia Film Festival, where the film was described as “A powerful and disturbing, but essential record of human rights abuses.”

And there are more exciting announcements coming soon! Thank you all for your support!


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