Monday, May 22, 2006

blog tag

Matt, of "saving the world" fame and my friend who was the officiating priest at my baptism into the world of blogging, has "tagged" me. It's not at all unlike those annoying chain e-mails you get from time to time that require you to answer questions about yourself so that your friends can learn more about you. In fact, it's exactly like that. Here goes:

I am...a "filmmaker". Just kidding.

I become a "filmmaker". No, seriously.

I wish...people would call me a "filmmaker". Ok, I think this joke has just about worn off its humour.

I hate...being a "maker of films". Sorry, that was the last one.

I in Japan.

I miss...bean-filled doughnuts and plum wine when I am traveling abroad.

I fear...a long, painful death but not actually the dying itself.

I hear...people talking about me when they think I don't speak Japanese. "He's so cool. He looks like Beckam!" Yeah, right.

I wonder...why people always need to someone to hate.

I regret...alot of things, even when I say I don't.

I am self-absorbed as some people think. Really.

I make people laugh.

I sing...karaoke and love it.

I cry...not nearly as much as I want to.

I make with my hands...nothing that comes to mind which I can write here with good conscience.

I write...this blog in the hopes that people read it.

I confuse...the qualities that you look for in a mate with the qualities that you look for in a partner all the time.

I feel like I am useful.

I should...become more responsible.

I start...things that I sometimes can't finish.

I finish...things that sometimes other people have started.

I tag...lisa rullsenberg because she left a nice, encouraging comment for me and her blog is the only other blog I have looked at aside from Matt's. Sorry, lisa, I don't know how to make a fancy hyperlink yet, so I'll just type your address here:


Matt_c said...

If anyone's the priest here it's you. I look forward to that post. :D

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Awh! thanks dude! I was going to self-tag but here you are tagging me! Brilliant! If you go to the "Edit html" mode of composing new messages you should find it easy to see how a link is done. (Look for the little double-hoop symbol - it should be there whichever way you write your posts)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh PS. If you're tagging someone either drop them an email or leave them a comment on one of their posts...

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Lisa R-

Thanks for the tip on doing links. Will try it on my next post. I'm one of those film types that uses Mac with a Safari browser, though, so I'm pretty sure my "browser is not supported", whatever that means. I still have so much to learn about this internet thing. Thanks for being patient with me while I commit many more blunders!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Try dropping by Struggling Author Marie... I'm pretty sure she has a mac, and I think from reading her comments she maybe has Safari...?? Will html programming allow you to do the links? Just by using straight a href stuff???