Tuesday, May 23, 2006

catching the blogging bug

I do love a good list. I am sure a psychoanalyst would have a thing or two to say about that, especially given the chaos of my life.

Today's list is "I know I've caught the blogging bug when..." Do keep in mind that the only blog I have actually read in depth is "saving the world", so I am basically just taking the piss out of Matt. And myself.

I know I've caught the blogging bug when:

1. I blog about blogging.

2. I worry that if I don't blog today or briefly explain why I can not blog today or explain why I did not blog today when I do blog tomorrow, that "my people" will be disappointed; or worse, they will give up on me.

3. I check the links to my blog on the blogs that people have linked to my blog to make sure the links to my blog work. (This one can double as a tongue-twister: "How many blogs can a blogging blogger link to a blog-linking blogger's linking blog?")

4. I wonder why I have more comments on some entries and none on others; what is it about a certain entry that gets people's attention? I want to write more of those.

5. I think it's possible that that guy who keeps leaving the "You have nice design site" and "Hello webmaster you site useful" comments really could be an anonymous non-native English speaker who likes my blog a lot.

6. I look at people with more than one blog and think, "I could do that".

7. If I think of two things to write about today I post only one and save the other for tomorrow in case I run dry.

8. I tell people about my "really hectic day" when all I basically had been doing was surfing the net and writing my blog. The hectic part only came when I realized what time it was and had to rush around to get some real work done.

9. I check if there will be internet before I make plans to go away.

10. I no longer think of my blog obsession as a sickness or something to be dealt with, but rather as a "charm point" (as the Japanese say), something quirky that adds to my character.

How many apply to you?

2-4 Take a vitamin c and step away from the computer.

5-7 Intervention is imperative. There must be a hotline to call.

8-10 There is no hope. Marry your ego with computer officating the ceremony.


Matt_c said...

Eight. Will you marry me? (That's not what it sounds like, folks, believe me.)

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Nine. Does that mean I have a bigger ego than you?!?!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Ian, I guess your addictive personality has kicked in again. I blame Matt. Soon I will start my own blog and then you'll be sorry. Bet I can get a 10.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

Lisa K,

You've been threatening with that blog of yours for ages. Put your money where your mouth is already! If I can do it, a girl like you can...