Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Facebook: an Amanda-Panda-Pandora's Box

After YEARS of refusing to go over to the dark side of Facebook, my friendly neighbourhood Facebook-pushers (AKA my sister Amanda and her husband Ernest) have finally worn me down.  

"Try it just once.  You'll love it."  Are they pushing social media or drugs?

So now that I've tried it, I'm left asking myself how I will find the time to even figure out how to use Facebook, let alone create content for it.  And will I be able to maintain a separation between my personal and professional lives (Ian Thomas Ash on Facebook here, DocumentingIan on Facebook here), something that I have striven to do ever since I first established a blog (here), a website (here), a YouTube channel (here) and a twitter handle (here)?

Ian Thomas Ash on Facebook

DocumentingIan on Facebook

Have I just damned myself to a purgatory in which no stone shall be left unturned in the pursuit of the very private and intimate, where there are no longer any boundaries and I no longer have any privacy?

Anyway, look at my crazy Japanese photo booth pic with my friends:

"PURIN KURA" with friends in Tokyo

Damn.  I can already tell this is a battle I'm going to lose.

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