Friday, October 05, 2012

Too honoured x 2

This week I began editing my new documentary about what is currently happening to the children living in Fukushima.  This new film contextualizes what happens in my documentary "In the Grey Zone" (website), showing what happened in the days just after the nuclear meltdown and continues right up to the present.  "In the Grey Zone" documents the confusion about whether the children in Fukushima should have been returning to Fukushima in the weeks after the meltdown, and the new film answers the questions that viewers of "In the Grey Zone" always have: "What happened next?" and "What is happening now?"

And as if to ensure that I don't procrastinate getting done the task at hand (something I am too oft prone to do) I received two massive boosts of encouragement this week:

The first was a profile of my work called "Life on the Line" (here) written by award-winning author Shawn Small (website) and published on his blog "Shawn Small Stories" on October 3rd.  (NOTE:  I met Shawn last month at Global Peace Film Festival (website) in Orlando, Florida and wrote about his amazing film "Ru: Water is Life" on this blog here and here.)

I am left speechless by Shawn's words, and when I read them I am left wondering, "Who on earth is he writing about?" because I certainly don't feel I am deserved of these words.

The second boost of encouragement came when the Rhode Island International Film Festival, where the World Premier of "In the Grey Zone" was held in August (here), published the Audience Choice awards.  In addition to the "Filmmaker of the Future Award" that I received back in August (here), "In the Grey Zone" (published by the Japanese title "Gurei Zoun No Naka") was honoured with the First Prize for Best Documentary!  (The full list of awards can be found here.)

Now feeling even more encouraged and supported, I am going to buckle down and go back to into the edit suite...

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