Tuesday, December 18, 2012

With support withdrawn, evacuees may have no choice but to return

Last year, the home in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture where Mr. and Mrs. Sugano lived with their three children,  son Koutarou, 9, daughter Kae, 6, and son Shinjirou 5, was discovered to be located in a radioactive hotspot.  The home was classified as an area for evacuation and the family was relocated to temporary housing through government support.


In September of this year, the Sugano family home underwent the government-sponsored decontamination process, which I documented HERE, HERE and HERE.


The Sugano Family home undergoes "decontamination" in September 2012.

On December 15, the Sugano's received a letter from the government stating that the decontamination of their home was complete and that the classification of their home as an "area for evacuation" was being rescinded.

The letter stating the Sugano's house is no longer classified as "an area for evacuation".

Mrs. Sugano wanted to test the radiation levels herself, so she returned to the family home today.


Mrs. Sugano measuring the radiation level at their home on December 19, 2012.

She took photos to prove the radiation levels are still high even after “decontamination”.


Radiation levels outside the Sugano Family home remain high even after "decontamination".

 Right outside the “decontaminated” house the radiation is still 2.18 µSv/.

除染が終わっているにもかかわらず、雨樋の付近はまだ2.18 µSv/h。

Right outside the “decontaminated” house the radiation is still 2.18 µSv/h.

Although the house itself has been “decontaminated”, the immediately surrounding street, mountains and land has not.


The areas surrounding the Sugano Family home have not been "decontaminated".

Directly across the street the radiation remains at 3.54 µSv/h.  If the children returned here to live, they would walk by this area on their way to school.

家の敷地外では放射線量はまだ3.54 µSv/h もし子どもたちが戻され生活をすればここは学校へ行く通り道。

Directly across the street from the Sugano Family home the radiation level remains at 3.54 µSv/h.

Since the government has lifted evacuation orders on the Sugano Family home, their evacuation support will not be renewed, effectively forcing them to return to home.  The Sugano’s son Koutarou, 9, daughter Kae, 6, and son Shinjirou 5, will be forced to live in a contaminated house surrounded by areas of high radiation.


The Sugano’s son Koutarou, 9, daughter Kae, 6, and son Shinjirou 5, at their temporary accommodation on December 18, 2012.

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