Sunday, February 03, 2013


I just uploaded the trailer for my new documentary, "A2" (link below).   I will be posting more information about the film here on this blog and on the film's website (HERE).

It is thanks to your support and encouragement that I have been able to make this film.  Thank you all so much.

The number of Fukushima children found to have thyroid cysts and nodules is increasing.  What will this mean for their future?

“A2” (予告編) 嚢胞としこりを持つ福島の子供達の数が増加してきている。このことが彼らの未来に対して意味するものは?


E. Bilien said...

Keep up the good job.
We must never stop monitoring the ongoing Fuk.Daiichi disaster. MSM should be doing the same but they seem unwilling to do so.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

E. Bilien,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.


Alex said...

This is so sad.
And you are doing an amazing job.