Saturday, February 09, 2013

HUGE disappointment

My doc "A2" had been short-listed for inclusion in a major European documentary film festival, and I had just sensed through their communications that "A2" would be included in the competition.

Alas, it was not to be.  This e-mail came last night:
"Thank you very much for submitting your film A2 to the upcoming edition of (A SERIOUSLY MAJOR EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL).

The selection process this year has been very long and difficult. We received and watched more than 2500 films and in the last few weeks we preselected around 100 films that we kept in our short list until the end. Among them your film, that captured the attention of our whole selection committee. Unfortunately we regret to inform you that we decided not to include the film in our programme. At this stage of our selection process we have to make choices and for any film we take in our program, there is another film that we can not keep with us. "
The submission process to film festivals continues.  I wonder where in the world the premier of "A2" will be held. Stay tuned.
Thank you for all for your continued support and encouragement.


N. said...

Shame on them. What is happening in Japan is one of the biggest problem in our world, the world should know and watch then.

Ian Thomas Ash said...

N., it's OK. There are many other festivals out there, and I have faith that there will many opportunities to show the film. Thank you for your support! Peace, Ian