Thursday, April 18, 2013

Markets and competitions and screenings, oh my!

My documentary 'In the Grey Zone' (89 minutes, Japan, 2012), about the children living in Fukushima one-month after the nuclear meltdown (WEBSITE), was still screening in film festivals when I began filming the follow-up 'A2' (70 minutes, Japan, 2013).  Website HERE and TRAILER below:

'In the Grey Zone' was asking the question "Are these children in danger?", and the follow-up 'A2' begins to try to answer that question.  While I always knew that documenting the story of the children in Fukushima was going to be ongoing, I never would have imagined that I would be getting ready to release a new documentary less than a year after the World Premier of 'In the Grey Zone'.

Between 'In the Grey Zone' and 'A2', I had actually completed a totally unrelated feature documentary called 'minus1287' (WEBSITE and TRAILER HERE) which I planned to release this year; but when I  realized 'A2' was pushing for an "early birth", I decided to put 'minus1287' on hold until next year (I now plan to release that film in spring 2014).

Although we have literally just completed 'A2', the early response (based on several versions of "rough cuts" that I have been sending out to festivals since last December) has been overwhelming.
*  'A2' will be included in the international film market at the Visions du Reel Documentary Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland later this month (listing HERE).

*  The World Premier will be in competition at the 2013 Nippon Connection Film Festival in Frankfurt, Germany in June (WEBSITE).

*  'A2' has been honoured with an invitation to screen in the non-competitive 2013 Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida in September (WEBSITE).

*  And just yesterday, 'A2' was granted an early invitation to particiapte in an international competitive film festival in Asia in autumn 2013 (details of this screening are under embargo until the official announcement has been made by the festival).
Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement of my work and your continued concern for the children of Fukushima.

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