Monday, September 30, 2019

"Sending Off" holds Dutch Premier

「おみおくり~Sending Off~」のオランダ初上映!! 
The Dutch Premier of “Sending Off” took place in Rotterdam’s CAMERA JAPAN Festival on September 28! INFO

Camera Japan (CJ) is the only festival to have screened four (and with "Sending Off, now five) of my films (list below, which includes "Boys for Sale" on which I served as Executive Producer).  I attended the festival for the first time in 2017 where I had a wonderful time (STORY).

  • "In the Grey Zone" (CJ 2012)
  • "A2-B-C" (CJ 2013)
  • "-1287" (CJ 2015)
  • "Boys for Sale" (dir: ITAKO) (CJ 2017)
  • "Sending Off" (2019)
It was wonderful to see old friend & CAMERA JAPAN Festival director Alex Oost!
with “Little Miss Period” director Shinada Shunsuke 「 生理ちゃん 」品田俊介監督
“A powerful and respectful documentary.” THANK YOU, CAMERA JAPAN Festival!
The post-screening Q&A was led by CAMERA JAPAN Festival’s Alex Oost.  I was thrilled that Leiden International Short Film Experience‘s Yara Yuri Safadi and Dianna Kasen were in attendance; they programmed my short documentary “The Father’s Love Begotten”「父なる愛生せば」and held the World Premier in April of this year (STORY). 

I am so grateful for all of the support and encouragement from so many festival programmers, staff and audience members. 

「おみおくり ~ Sending Off ~ 」will screen again in the Amsterdam edition of Camera Japan on Saturday, Oct 5 at 13:00 at KRITERION!  TICKETS
I am now off to Austria where「おみおくり ~ Sending Off ~ 」will screen on Wednesday, October 2, in Vienna's Japannual. TICKETS  

***** UPDATE Sept 30th *****

"Emotionally charged... makes us question our own attitude towards death and aging."
"Takes away the fear of death."

Following Saturday's Dutch Premier of "Sending Off" in CAMERA JAPAN Festival, Asian Movie Pulse has just published THIS review.

***** UPDATE October 7th *****
After counting all the votes in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Fly Me to the Saitama stays at the top of the rankings ahead of Sending Off, a powerful and respectful documentary about the end of life from director Ian Thomas ASH.

Honoured to be in second place in the audience poll behind the big budgt and extremely well-supported blockbuster "Fly me to the Saitama".  
(This blog is based on a series of social media posts from Sept 26-30, 2019.)

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