Monday, August 26, 2019

North American and Dutch Premiers of "Sending Off" announced

「おみおくり~Sending Off~」が北アメリカ初上映とオランダ初上映となることを、皆さんにお伝えでき、とても嬉しいです。どちらの映画祭にも出席しますので、みなさんとそちらでお会いできるといいな。

I am thrilled to announce the North American premier of “Sending Off” (film website HERE) in the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival in Massachusetts, USA, on Sunday, September 14 (INFO), and the Dutch Premier in Camera Japan in Rotterdam, Holland, on Saturday, September 28 (INFO). 

And I am honoured to be able to be in attendance at both.
I first had the honour to screen at and attend the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival in 2013 with my film "A2-B-C" (2013) STORY, and I am thrilled to screen there again this year.

at the 2013 edition of the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival
Camera Japan (CJ) in Holland is the only festival to have have screened four (and with "Sending Off, now five) of my films (list below, which includes "Boys for Sale" on which I served as Executive Producer).  I attended the festival for the first time in 2017 where I had a wonderful time (STORY).

"In the Grey Zone" (CJ 2012)
"A2-B-C" (CJ 2013)
"-1287" (CJ 2015)
"Boys for Sale" (dir: ITAKO) (CJ 2017)
"Sending Off" (2019)

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