Tuesday, August 27, 2019

ショッキング、扇情的、または過度に暴力的 Shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content

Facebook has banned the trailer of “Sending Off” from being used in advertising. Of course, only after taking my money for a couple of weeks of running the ad...
Facebookにおいて「おみおくり~Sending Off~」の予告編が広告利用禁止にされました。

I am no stranger to controversy when it comes to my films: long-time readers of this blog may remember when all domestic screenings of my documentary "A2-B-C", about children living in Fukushima, were abruptly canceled by the distributor in 2015.  But unlike the less than measured response I took then (STORY), this time I decided to try to use this as an opportunity to start a positive discussion.  After all, they say "there is no such thing as bad publicity".

So I decided to replace the video with a "Facebook-friendly" version of the trailer (below) and resubmit it for ad approval.  I am still waiting a reply to the appeal, with the Japanese Premier that I am trying to promote just 10 days away...

広告利用禁止にされた予告編ビデオを入れ替えました。おみおくり~Sending Off~」の日本初上映が9月7日ですが、Facebookから広告の復活許可を早く貰えると良いですが...

Message from the director:

"The trailer to this documentary, depicting images of the elderly passing away, has been disapproved by Facebook for advertising. Death is hard to talk about, let alone watch, but thinking about how we want to die has the potential to change the way we live."


The Japan Premier of “Sending Off” will take place on September 7 at 14:30 during the Pia Film Festival at the National Film Archive of Japan.  Screening with English subtitles (INFO).

「おみおくり~Sending Off~」9月7日14時30分より、国立アーカイブにて行われる 
ぴあフィルムフェスティバル において、英語字幕付き日本初上映。詳細はこちら。  

And for those would have not seen the original trailer but would like to, the link is below.

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