Saturday, September 14, 2013

逆輸入:Reverse Importing

From the beginning, I felt that the only way for 'A2-B-C' to be able to be screened in Japan was to first get it accepted into festivals abroad, hopefully recognized and then to "reverse import" it back into Japan.  And following the World Premier and award in Germany (story HERE), that is exactly what has happened.

The Japan premier of 'A2-B-C' was held tonight in Tokyo on the opening day of the PIA Film Festival (WEBSITE), and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement from the people in attendance.

I would especially like to thank the following people for their support:
  • Araki Keiko様, director of the PIA Film Festival (pictured in above PHOTO), for providing this opportunity to share the film with the audience in Tokyo
  • U.g. Kaneko様, for documenting the screening last night (above PHOTO) and for his family's support of my work
  • Ueno Katsuyoshi様, creator and webmaster of the (LINK) and (LINK) websites
  • Suzuki Hiroki様, writer, blogger and supporter of Fukushima children (his story and PHOTOS of tonight's screening are HERE)
  • And most of all the Fukushima mothers (photo HERE) who so bravely allowed me to document their story.  These women are heroes.

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