Sunday, September 01, 2013

The specialized worlds of themed film festivals

I continue to be humbled at the interest in 'A2-B-C' (WEBSITE) from film festivals all over the world, and today I am honoured to announce TWO MORE screenings of 'A2-B-C'!

The first is in the Camera Japan Festival in Holland (September 25-29), which is, according to its website, "a Japanese cultural festival with its main focus on film that also dives into other areas like art, music, dance, fashion, architecture, food and many more." 

Camera Japan honoured my first film about the disaster, 'In the Grey Zone' (WEBSITE), by hosting the European premier last year (more HERE).

Although I will be unable to attend the screening in Rotterdam as I will be at the Guam International Film Festival (more HERE), I am so grateful to have the opportunity to join the post-screening discussion via Skype. 

'A2-B-C' will also be screening in the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (October 4-8).  I will unfortunately be unable to attend this screening as well; stay tuned for the VERY EXCITING reason!

The two films that I have made about the Fukushima disaster, 'In the Grey Zone' (WEBSITE) and 'A2-B-C' (WEBSITE) have provided me with the opportunity to take part not only in so-called "main stream" film festivals, but also with the specialized worlds of themed film festivals, such as those presenting curated collections of films in categories such as "Japanese", "Human Rights" and "Ethnography".  I am truly grateful for how these experiences have changed my life.


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