Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Time off

Thanks to my films, I am grateful to have been able to visit so many countries: Holland, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Guam (OK, it's not a country), Taiwan and so many others.  Although I have technically been to these countries, with all of the festival commitments, I rarely have much time to travel around (if at all) and often don't even have the chance to visit the requisite historical spots and museums that are the "must-see" spots for every tourist.

But this time, I had some free time in Delhi after the festival ended!  The first place I visited was Humayun's Tomb.  Built in 1570, this World Heritage Site was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.  (Want to know more? Try THIS official link for Delhi tourism or THIS one from Unesco).

Please forgive me for the following vacation slides;  I almost never get a chance to do this.

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